Nuclear receptor

Neuronal LXR Regulates Neuregulin 1 Expression and Sciatic... 17 April 2020

Gavini CK, Bonomo R, Mansuy-Aubert V

Neuronal LXRs may regulate non-neuronal cell function via a Nrg1-dependent mechanism. The decrease in Nrg1 expression in DRG neurons of WD-fed mice may suggest an altered Nrg1-dependent neuron-SC communication in Obesity. The communication between neurons and non-neuronal cells such as SC could be a new biological pathway to study and understand the molecular and cellular mechanism underlying Obesity-associated neuropathy and PNS dysfunction.

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The lipid sensor LXRs protect small sensory neurons... 29 September 2018

Chaitanya Gavini, Raiza Bonomo, Laurent Gautron, Angie Bookout, Syann Lee and Virginie Mansuy-Aubert

Our findings suggest that lipid-binding nuclear receptors expressed in the sensory neurons of the DRG play a role in the onset of obesity-induced hypersensitivity. The LXR and lipid-sensor pathways represent a research avenue to identify targets to prevent debilitating complications affecting the peripheral nerve system in obesity.

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Obesity-Associated Neuropathy: Recent Preclinical Studies and Proposed Mechanisms 26 February 2022

In this review, we focus on interventions and their mechanisms that are shown to ameliorate neuropathy in MetS obese models including: (i) inhibition of a sensory neuron population, (ii), modification of dietary components, (iii) activation of nuclear and mitochondrial lipid pathways, (iv) exercise, (v) modulation of gut microbiome composition and their metabolites.

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LXR agonist Prevents Peripheral Neuropathy and modifies PNS... 22 February 2022

Chaitanya K. Gavini, Nadia Elshareif, Anand V. Germanwala, Gregory Aubert, Nigel A. Calcutt, Virginie Mansuy-Aubert

Our results suggest that activation of the LXR may block the progression of neuropathy associated with aging by modifying nerve-immune cell cholesterol, thereby providing new pathways to target in efforts to delay neuropathy during aging.


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LXR agonist modifies neuronal lipid homeostasis and decreases... 12 October 2022

GW3965 decreased prostaglandin levels and decreased free fatty acid content, while increasing lysophosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylcholine, and cholesterol ester species in the sensory neurons of the dorsal root ganglia (DRG). These data suggest novel downstream interplaying mechanisms that modifies DRG neuronal lipid following GW3965 treatment.


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