Mansuy-Aubert Laboratory

Nutrition and Sensory Physiology

Since 2016 we elucidate how diet impacts nerve systems and metabolism. Our goal is to develop next generation therapies targeting the nerve systems to improve health and metabolic diseases. Our lab recently relocated from Chicago to Lausanne.

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Last publication - May 01 2222

Communication between the gut microbiota and...

Tyler Cook, Virginie M. Aubert

 In this review, we cover the general anatomy and function of the PNS, and then we discuss how the molecules secreted or stimulated by gut microbes signal through the PNS to alter host development and physiology.

Improve Brain Function With Nutrition

Associate professor at the University of Lausanne and also affiliated with Loyola University in Chicago, Virginie Mansuy Aubert research uses transgenic mouse models and advanced culture techniques. Her team is working on sensory neurons that respond to changes in diet and in the microbiota. The microbiota / neuron interaction generates changes in the brain and peripheral nerve systems that regulate appetite, heart function, energy expenditure and somatosensory function including pain.

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"Let food be thy medicine,
and let medicine be thy food."